Hudson Sculpture - Publick Sculpture
Public Sculpture
Jon Barlow Hudson RBSIA, ISC | | 937-767-7766

jon hudson doing tai chi in ShanghaiI have been creating large-scale sculpture for public environments throughout China since 2003.  Often enough they are for city parks, or the result of an exhibit or winning a prize.

One project is WIND DRAGON, which was commissioned for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It is permanently installed in Chaoyang Olympic Park. 

Another project is CLOUD & RAIN, the result of the 30th anniversary of China-US detant: commissioned by the China-US Peace & Friendship Program and installed in Wanshou Park, just southeast of Tiananmen Square.  Four Chinese sculptures went to the USA and four US sculptures are installed in China. 

A current project not yet completed is the first award winning SUBLIME PORTAL, now under construction for the city of Wu Hu, Anhui Province.